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Thank you for your interest in Long Island’s and The Worlds Newest Radio Station! We are a classic hits station playing the 60’s through today. Smooth Sailing Radio is disability owned and operated and serves Suffolk County and the World at

The staff of Smooth Sailing Radio values our listeners, we know you want to hear more than the same 200 songs and to date we have had a tremendous positive response. For our clients, we have a package for every budget; we work with small and large companies. You receive the same attention to detail and service regardless of the bottom line.


• Radio’s mobility allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.
• Radio’s listenership is strong…time spent with other media is declining.
• Radio can influence new markets and new prospects.
• Radio is king for establishing top-of-mind-awareness.
• Radio’s unique formats allow you to target your best prospects.
• Only radio can reach on-the-go consumers.
• Only radio reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase.
• Only radio can provide unique specialized on-air promotions.
• Other media can play a complimentary role to radio’s
• Only radio can provide powerful and profitable remote
• Only radio can cost-effectively knock through the sea of media


• Advertising is an investment in success.
• Advertising creates store traffic.
• Advertising attracts new customers.
• Advertising generates continuous business.
• Advertising encourages repeat business.
• Advertising keeps your business top-of-mind.
• Advertising boosts and maintains morale.
• Advertising gives your business a successful image.
• Advertising keeps you in the competitive race.
• Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady


Station: Smooth Sailing Radio Playing your Favorite Hits on the web at

Format: Full Service / Classic Hits/ Disability Owned and Operated Target Audience: Adults 25-64 Audience

Breakout: The Sky Is The Limit.

Our listeners have grown-up with the music we play. They are an audience that listen longer and they don’t “channel surf”. They wake up with Smooth Sailing Radio to get the music they remember and keep it on all day for their Favorite Memories.

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